A Second Day 1

Every once in a while, I see DIY ideas and projects that I become obsessed just want to try out. Some come out good and others, well, not so good. Through them all, Mr. A is supportive (though sometimes he gives me his very skeptical, ‘are you serious?’ look when I present to him a rather unusual idea) and makes me laugh when my failed experiments bring me down (a certain marshmallow fondant comes to mind). This is another DIY endeavor that made it to my I Must Be Insane Must Try List. I recently found this little blog post while browsing Pinterest and read through all the day-by-day posts. It seemed easy so I said why not? I can totally make my own sourdough starter and bake amazing bread all by myself!

First Sourdough Starter

First Sourdough Starter

Friday night I started by mixing the flour and water in a glass jar and covered it with cheesecloth. Simple enough! I can already smell the loaf baking in my oven! Well, come what should have been Day 3 of my sourdough starter and I really didn’t see any separation at all. It had certainly doubled in size and there were bubble pockets everywhere, but no liquid. Mr. A and I must have looked quite comical, both of us staring at this half-gallon sized glass jar, determining whether we should keep going and risk poisoning ourselves (this last part may or may not have been an overreaction in both our minds) or start from scratch. I’m wondering if it was indeed bad or maybe I wasn’t patient enough. Maybe it’s too cold in the kitchen, after all, it was in the 20’s today and there’s still plenty of snow outside. Or maybe it could have been the four layers of cheesecloth I accidentally put on it as I didn’t realize until today that the cheesecloth already came doubled up (I had never even bought cheesecloth before I got the itch to try making my own starter).

Since I have no clue what I’m doing, I decided to start it over again. My sourdough starter has been mixed and is resting in a gallon-sized glass jar (yep, I had just purchased an upgraded jar for my would-be-Day-3 starter as it was rapidly outgrowing the half-gallon jar). This time, only a double-layer of cheesecloth is covering the opening. I didn’t take any pictures of my second attempt, maybe tomorrow I can have Mr. A take a picture of it.

Kitchen Inspector

Kitchen Inspector

Speaking of do-overs, I’m also re-starting posting in this little blog of mine. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more organized with my crazy life in 2014 and make more time for things I enjoy… like writing. So here’s to a second Day 1, both for this little blog and my sourdough starter!


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