Hello Spring? Summer?

I am not sure whether spring happened or not here in the Midwest… What I do know is that we had a very long winter and now we’re enjoying some much deserved warm days. This is our second summer in our house and I wanted to try my hand at growing some vegetables and herbs. Mr. A built me a very nice raised garden bed, which we were able to fill and plant some seeds sometime in the second half of May (it was indeed a very long winter!).

My gardening knowledge is pretty much nonexistent so this whole growing vegetables thing is an experiment for me. I was reading a little bit about Square Foot Gardening and decided to use this method as guidance. Since the bed is 2’x6′, this gave me 12 squares to play with.

2014 Garden Plan

2014 Garden Plan

I planted carrots, cucumbers, and zucchini. I’m very hopeful for these three crops. My zucchini and cucumbers are growing nicely (I think!) and about half of my carrots are coming up as well. I still have four squares left, in which I’m thinking to plant some spinach. We’ll see.

Vegetable Garden

Zucchini, Cucumbers, and Carrots

I also have some tomatoes that I started indoors in the beginning of March and then transplanted into large containers outside. They’re not looking too good though… On the other hand, I may get some tomatoes anyways since Mr. A’s grandparents gave us a tomato plant last weekend and it already has a tiny tomato!

Tiny Tomato

Tiny Tomato

I can’t wait to have fresh tomatoes with fresh chives from my little garden experiment!


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